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Supervisor: Prof. Kokila S Institute: Presidency University Jan 2021 – May 2021 Duration: Jan 2021 – May 2021

Team Members: Varun Jammigumpala, Veluru Chaitanya, Veluru Vinay Kumar, Vecham Sai Kumar, Yelleboyena Sai Krishna.


This project is mostly based on IoT, we used different type of sensors to detect the symptoms and to stop spreading the COVID-19.

The system checks whether the person is wearing the mask or not by using image processing methods.

The system also checks the main symptom of COVID-19 high fever, if the scanned person has high fever the buzzer will alert, else it will remains normal.

For the oral health checkup, our system has a extra facility to check the pulse rate also, all the scanned values display in the mobile app and also on the LCD display screen.

This system is also responsible for maintaining minimum physical distance to stop spreading virus.

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